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Policies Regarding STP Grant/Awards Programs (approved August 2010)

  1. Only STP members are eligible to receive STP awards.
  2. New applicants to a grant program are given priority over those who have previously received funds from that grant program.
  3. During their term, members of the Executive Committee will be ineligible to apply for an STP grant.
  4. During their terms, members of the Award Evaluation committees are ineligible to apply for awards from these programs for which they are members of the evaluation committee.
  5. Within a calendar year of receiving funds, all grant recipients need to submit a final report that details how funds were spent and briefly describes the outcomes of activities funded.
  6. All unused funds should be sent back to the STP treasurer.
  7. Funding of indirect costs is prohibited.
  8. A description of the dimensions on which applications will be evaluated must be made publically available (e.g., included in the call for applications).
  9. Requests for proposals must include historical funding rates. Published funding rates should include a notation that reads: “Average funding rate since tracking began in 2012”.  Additionally, if applicable, a statement noting that some proposals received were partially funded should be included.

If you have any questions regarding the grants or awards programs, please contact the Vice President for Recognitions and Awards

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