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A Note from Lindsay Masland, ACT Director

(adapted from April TOPNews,posted April 6, 2021)

Dear colleagues:

I know that the question on everyone's minds is, "Are we really going to have a face-to-face conference in October?"

And the answer is . . . "Yes!" I hope to be offering vaccinated hugs and air high-fives (your choice) to all of you at the Annual Conference on Teaching from October 14-16th at the Louisville Marriott Downtown in Louisville, KY.

This decision has not been made lightly, of course. We've had so many angles to consider, including the need to fulfill our hotel contracts or risk significant financial penalty, the improving but fragile vaccination and infection rates, social distancing and masking policies in Kentucky, and various concerns about travel fund availability and conference attendee comfort.  In weighing all of these factors, we have decided to move forward with a face-to-face conference.

Of course, dramatic shifts in health or financial data could affect our ability to do this, but based on current trends, we expect to be in Louisville, and we are working hard to create an event that will be safe and enjoyable for everyone. We are also considering offering an asynchronous virtual component to the conference, as we know not everyone will be able to travel this October. Financial and logistical considerations preclude us from offering concurrent face-to-face and synchronous virtual programming, but we are looking into ways to make this conference experience more accessible to all.

Once we get the details sorted out, we'll share the registration form, but in the meantime, don't forget to submit your presentation proposals! I'm pleased to report we've had a steady stream of submissions since day one, so things are looking good for a great conference. This year, we are accepting proposals in the following formats: poster, 25- or 45-minute symposium, 2-hr workshop, "Live from Louisville," and Lunch PIE. Full information regarding submission types and themes, required elements by submission type, and answers to other frequently asked questions can be found at the link above. We are now accepting proposals through Friday, April 30th.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2021 ACT!

Lindsay Masland

Director, Annual Conference on Teaching

Announcing the

2021 STP Workshop on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

at the Annual Conference on Teaching 

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology announces the 11th annual  STP SoTL Workshop. SoTL is defined as methodologically rigorous scholarly work conducted to enhance teaching and advance learning, ideally resulting in peer-reviewed products made public. We invite applications from faculty and graduate students who would like to accomplish developing and/or writing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project. 

The workshop will allow small groups of faculty/graduate student members to receive guidance on SoTL research from an experienced mentor and consult with both statistical and publication experts. Each participant will be placed with a mentor and a team of 3-4 peers. The mentor will support participants through the research process, which may include discussing ideas or analyzing, outlining, and writing a final product. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the research on teaching and learning. Participants gain support in how to design a study, analyze learning data, and/or writing a complete manuscript.

This workshop will be held at the same time and place as the STP Annual Teaching Conference (ACT).   The cost of the SoTL workshop is $180 and includes all meals AND keynote sessions of the concurrent ACT Conference. 

Mentors work with their teams starting in Summer, 2021 (by email/phone) to prepare for the workshop during the ACT Conference (as well as a potential pre-conference option).

If you are interested in being considered for the 2021 SoTL Workshop, please complete the application online using the link below before May 31, 2021.  To apply, click here (requires login). 

Only current STP members may apply for this workshop. 

For questions or more information, contact the Director of the SoTL Workshop at

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